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Marie R
Marie R
January 26, 2024.
Office staff were very helpful with prompt replies and Dr Vidali was able to provide the resources I needed to connect with quality care close to home
Bria McDaniel
Bria McDaniel
January 22, 2024.
Choosing Dr. Vidali for my surgery was the best decision I have ever made for my health. Prior to surgery I was trying to exercise and eat healthy but the chronic pain and symptoms of my endometriosis put me in a cycle of not being able to eat certain foods that were healthy but would increase my pain because of bowel endo. I also did my best to exercise because I did feel better afterwards but before and during I would be in pain because of severe cramps and constipation. Many doctors tell you to loose weight to relieve your symptoms but they don't address the underlying issues creating huge barriers to doing so. It felt so good to finally be listened to and my pain not dismissed. When I went over my post op note, I finally felt validated because every symptom I described, he found endo causing havoc in the area. He was extremely thorough and diligent with the excision while still preserving my reproductive system. I have heard of so many stories where people weren't relieved of their symptoms or more was taken out than should have. Personally, I would not trust just my regular obgyn or a referral to an in network provider who does not have the level of expertise as someone like Dr. Vidali to do this surgery just to save on out of network cost. You will be paying for it later. Dr. Vidali is worth his weight in gold. Recovery has been challenging as my body is relearning how to do its normal body functions without obstruction from endo. I highly recommend pelvic floor PT as soon as you can do it after surgery.
Allison Stone
Allison Stone
January 18, 2024.
I am so thankful for Dr Vidali. Previously I experienced extremely painful cramps and bloating each month. The bloating became so bad that my OB suggested an ultrasound which found 2 endometriomas. I met with a different doctor first who told me I would need surgery to remove the endometriomas, and also advised that in order to get pregnant I would need to work with a fertility specialist to go through IVF because unknown impacts of the surgery. I then saw Dr. Vidali who said that while I needed surgery to remove the endometriomas, there is no reason to think that I wouldn’t be able to conceive a baby naturally. He took the time to deeply explain things to my husband and I and answered all of our questions thoughtfully. Dr.Vidali was able to schedule my surgery for July of 2020 despite being in the midst of surgical delays during the pandemic. The surgery was successful and I’m happy to say that Dr. Vidali was right and I conceived a baby naturally in October 2020, just 3 months after my surgery. 3 years later and I no longer have the painful cramps and there is no bloating. I will always appreciate Dr.Vidali for advising me to make the best medical decision for me and my family.
Christine Machado-Denis
Christine Machado-Denis
December 16, 2023.
Best decision ever. Thank you, Dr. Vidali.
Isadora Goes
Isadora Goes
November 30, 2023.
Dr. Vidali saved my life! Having suffered with endo symptoms for most of my adult life, I did a LOT or research prior to choosing my excision surgeon - I wanted to make sure I’d have an expert who would look EVERYWHERE and remove EVERYTHING. This is exactly what Dr. Vidali did, and throughout the whole process, he was so nice and empathetic and knowledgeable, I’ve always felt so comfortable and optimistic. But I had no idea how much surgery would change my life. My case in particular was not about fertility issues, but really excruciating pain and other endo symptoms. It’s been 4 weeks today and I can’t believe how much difference I already feel. It feels like a huge cloud that was always above me just simply left. Truly life changing. Dr. vidali’s team and the hospital team were also amazing, surgery day couldn’t have been more seamless and comfortable.
Fanny V
Fanny V
September 29, 2023.
Thank you, Dr. Vidali. He and his office are busy, but once I had my consultation, I felt he cared and heard. What I was dealing with was real the pain and the difficulties in my ttc journey. I was able to have implantation success after the laparoscopy surgery. Wish I had found him sooner. Four years of trying, and after the surgery, I waited six months, and my transfer worked. I have a two year old thanks to Dr. Vidali. Edited to add, it was emotional for me to realize how much pain I lived with before having the surgery. Thank you again, Dr. Vidali for my quality of life in my body.
Domonique Anderson
Domonique Anderson
September 27, 2023.
Dr. Vidali is fantastic! My husband and I were having a challenging time getting pregnant. We went to Dr. Vidali to see if it was because of my endometriosis. After meeting with him for my appointment, I knew he would be the one to get to the bottom of what was going on. He listened to everything I was going through and asked questions. He really took the time to get to know my situation. He definitely went above and beyond to help in any way he could. After some testing and recommendations we able to get pregnant naturally which was huge for my husband and I. Dr. Vidali only has the best intentions for his patients and genuinely wants to help them. I would highly recommend Dr. Vidali!
Carleigh Turner
Carleigh Turner
September 12, 2023.
Just had my consult with Dr. Vidali and it was fantastic. I had so many questions regarding endometriosis and adenomyosis and he answered them fully, thoughtfully, and without judgement. He made me feel heard and validated and most importantly not rushed. (Something I haven’t felt from a doctors office in a long time.) I feel supported and ready to begin my endo healing journey. Thank you Dr. Vidali!
Kate Silverstein
Kate Silverstein
September 2, 2023.
Dr. Vidali saved my life. Seriously. There is no greater gift than the one he afforded me. Been suffering from endo and adeno for my entire life, but it got so bad that for years I was in the ER every 3 weeks when my cycle started. I had no life left, I couldn't make plans, the window of time I had without pain was narrowing to the point where I spent most of my life in bed. Mentally, I was in such bad shape I didn't know if there was a way out. I had two surgeries with Dr. Vidali. The first was to remove endometriosis and unfortunately it did not help my pain- I was devastated. But it was the more conservative option. The second was for a total hysterectomy and I'm so glad I did it. I have my life back. I said I'd wait until 6 months post op to make any declarations out of an abundance of caution but I feel confident that he solved the problem. I'm making plans, seeing my friends, living my life again. There are some side effects and I'm not perfect, but the cost was worth the benefit a million times over. Dr. Vidali also recommended a surgeon for my mother when she almost lost her life due to life-threatening infection. He is amazing and we are so grateful for the role he's played in my family's health. Doc- if you're reading this- we love you!!!

The Impact of Inflammation on Women’s Health and Fertility

Inflammation on Women's Health and Fertility impactWhat is the impact of inflammation on women’s health and fertility? Inflammation is a natural and essential part of the body’s immune response. It helps us heal from injuries and protects against infections. However, when inflammation becomes chronic or excessive, it can have a detrimental impact on various aspects of health, including women’s reproductive health and fertility. In this blog post, we’ll explore the connection between inflammation and women’s health while shedding light on its implications for fertility.

Impact of Inflammation on Women’s Health and Fertility

Understanding Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s response to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants. It involves the release of immune cells, signaling molecules, and increased blood flow to the affected area. While acute inflammation is a temporary and necessary process, chronic inflammation can develop when the body’s inflammatory response persists for an extended period.

Inflammation and Reproductive Health

Chronic inflammation can affect several aspects of women’s reproductive health:

  • Menstrual Irregularities: Inflammation can disrupt the regular menstrual cycle, leading to irregular periods, heavy bleeding, or amenorrhea (absence of menstruation). These issues can impact fertility.
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID): Untreated infections can cause PID, leading to inflammation of the female reproductive organs. PID can result in scarring and fertility problems.
  • Endometriosis: Endometriosis is characterized by the growth of tissue similar to the uterine lining outside the uterus. Inflammation plays a central role in the development and progression of endometriosis, which can lead to infertility.

The Impact on Fertility

Chronic inflammation can hinder fertility through various mechanisms:

  • Ovulation Disorders: Inflammation can disrupt the delicate hormonal balance required for regular ovulation. Conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are associated with inflammation and ovulation irregularities.
  • Tubal Damage: Inflammation in the fallopian tubes can lead to scarring or blockages, preventing the egg from meeting sperm for fertilization.
  • Implantation Issues: Chronic inflammation may interfere with the implantation of a fertilized egg into the uterine lining, reducing the chances of a successful pregnancy.
  • Miscarriage Risk: Inflammation may contribute to a higher risk of miscarriage during pregnancy.

Reducing Inflammation for Improved Fertility

Fortunately, there are steps women can take to reduce inflammation and support their reproductive health:

  • Healthy Diet: A balanced diet rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory foods like fruits, vegetables, and fatty fish can help reduce inflammation.
  • Regular Exercise: Physical activity can reduce chronic inflammation, improve blood flow, and support overall health.
  • Stress Management: Chronic stress can contribute to inflammation. Practices such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can help manage stress.
  • Consulting a Specialist: If you have underlying conditions like endometriosis or PCOS, consulting with a specialist like Dr. Andrea Vidali at the Endometriosis Treatment Center can provide tailored treatment options to address inflammation and improve fertility.

Impact of Inflammation on Womens Fertility

Inflammation on Women’s Health and Fertility: Conclusion

Inflammation is a double-edged sword in women’s reproductive health. While it plays a crucial role in protecting the body, chronic inflammation can lead to a range of issues that affect fertility. Recognizing the signs of inflammation, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and seeking specialized care when needed can help women manage inflammation and optimize their chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy.

If you are experiencing fertility challenges or suspect that inflammation may be affecting your reproductive health, it’s essential to consult with a knowledgeable healthcare provider like Dr. Andrea Vidali, who can provide personalized guidance and treatment options tailored to your specific needs.

Contact Information:

Dr. Andrea Vidali
Endometriosis Treatment Center
New York, NY 10021

Remember that addressing inflammation and its impact on fertility is a proactive step towards achieving a healthy and successful pregnancy journey.

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